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Blogging through the Bible

January 3rd, 2011

As we read the Bible together this year I want to periodically comment on the passages the Lord is bringing us to. So here goes…

Today I read Genesis 1-2.

This text is so full of noteworthy, and praiseworthy, truth. Just thinking about the magnificence of creation and what it would have looked like as it was happening is awesome. Imagine that. If you could have been there to see light shining in the darkness for the first time. For the atmosphere to be lifted up from the sea. To see God gather the water together in certain places so that dry land would be uncovered in others. Imagine what that would have looked like…or sounded like.

What must it have been like for God to take dust from the earth and out of it form man…and then breathe into his nostrils so he would come to life. As if that were not enough, imagine watching God open Adam’s side while he slept, take out a rib, and from it build Eve. Magnificent!

While all of that jumps off of the page in Genesis 1 and 2, what really got me going this morning was the that fact that creation is an act of grace. All of it…God’s grace. We sometimes will hear people say that God seems so different from the Old Testament to the New Testament. In the old, he is a God of wrath and law and judgment, but in the new he is a God of love and mercy and grace. If you read the first two chapters of Genesis, you have to throw this view out the window.

Everything that we have today is a result of God’s gracious act of creation. Everything. From the food on our plates, to scenery out our windows, God made it. He made you. He made your family. He made it all. And he made it all simply because he chose to; not because he felt like we deserved it. That is grace.

Think specifically Gen 2:9, 16. In verse 9 we read that, “Out of the ground the LORD God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.” Then in verse 16 we read, “And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, ‘You may surely eat of every tree of the garden…'”

Commentaries and discussions usually move on toward the prohibition of verse 17 where God tells the man that he cannot eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But stick with 16 for a moment. He tells the man that he can eat of every other tree. This is all well and good in and of itself, but when you think of it in the context of verse 9, that the trees God did make were pleasant to the sight and good for food (the Bible’s way of saying the fruit was way better than anything found at the Fresh Market) we see how gracious and giving God is.

He tells the man, “Here is the very best fruit you could ever imagine. It is wonderful and sweet and healthy and ripe and perfect…and you can eat it all…it’s all for you.” Adam was a recipient of the grace of God from the very beginning.

Meditating on Genesis 1 and 2 is a task well worth your time. As you do, look for the grace of God in those 7 days, in the garden, and in the life of Adam and Eve. Then pick up your eyes and look at that very same grace in your home, in your life, and in your world.

“God, please open my eyes to your grace today. Would you let me stop throughout this day to thank you for bestowing this grace upon me. Thank you most of all for the grace of the gospel. Thank you that you sent your son to die for my sin.”

3 comments on “Blogging through the Bible

  1. Meg Hoffman on said:

    Amen and amen! God’s grace is incredible and His creativity is awe-inspiring.

  2. Carol Whiteed on said:

    There is nothing more beautiful than God’s creation. How can you not marvel at the beauty of a tree in the fall with the intense reds, oranges, and yellows or the intricate designs and colors of a butterfly? How about all the variety of birds? Blue birds, finches, cardinals, blue jays, and chickadees are all so different and each one so wonderful. God is good.

  3. Dean Raynes on said:

    I love how God shows us the BIG creation picture(Ch.1) and then He personalizes it to man in Chapter two. Then we come to todays reading Ps. 104:1 “My soul Praise the Lord my God, you are very great; You are clothed with majesty and splendor”. “Lord my God” what a intimate statement something like “Jane my Wife”, Justin my Son”, Jesus my Salvation” we do have a wonderful relationship with a wonderful God.