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The Bible makes clear that the ultimate purpose of his church is bring him glory. The church is to reflect the greatness of God to the world.

But how do we do this? What does a healthy, God-glorifying church do?

We believe that the Bible gives us answers to this question. In Mathew 28, Jesus told his followers to make more followers. They were to take what they were and reproduce in the lives of others.

So you have a group of followers of Jesus who had to continually grow in their relationships with Jesus while simultaneously introducing others to Jesus so that more followers would be produced and, in turn, grow themselves.

Because of this command given to the church by Jesus, we believe that Living Proof best glorifies God by equipping Christians with the gospel in order to become and make fully devoted followers of Jesus in Williamsburg and around the world.

An easy way to remember this purpose is to use the phrase, “Becoming and Making through the Gospel.”

As part of accomplishing this purpose, the Bible shows us six practices of healthy churches. *We desire these six elements to be ever-present among Living Proof.

The healthy church:

The structure needed for this type of health is built upon three legs of support, the Large Group, the Small Group, and the Smaller Group. To learn more about these three legs, click on each below.


Large Group > Small Group > Smaller Group > We worship together as a large group to declare and demonstrate the greatness of God by devoting ourselves to understanding and celebrating the gospel of Jesus Christ. See seek to accomplish this goal by: Making the proclaiming and hearing of God’s Word, the Bible, the central […]


Large Group > Small Group > Smaller Group > Our small groups exist to equip Christians to experience gospel-centered community and to invite others to do the same. We have a growing small group ministry at Living Proof. We call these groups, “Shepherd Groups.” While each group looks a little bit different, they all share […]


Large Group > Small Group > Smaller Group > Our smaller groups are intended to equip Christians to intentionally apply the gospel and its implications to our everyday lives. These groups differ from our Shepherd Groups in that they are smaller (2-3 people) and are made up people of the same gender. These groups meet […]

If you supported on these three legs you will be in the best position to experience the six elements of a healthy church on the road toward becoming and making fully devoted followers of Jesus through the Gospel.
*This specific wording is borrowed from Dr. Chuck Lawless in his book, Discipled Warriors.