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Our smaller groups are intended to equip Christians to intentionally apply the gospel and its implications to our everyday lives.

These groups differ from our Shepherd Groups in that they are smaller (2-3 people) and are made up people of the same gender. These groups meet at various times during the week. Some of these groups study books of the Bible together, some gather to pray, some read gospel-centered books, and some do all three.

The conviction behind these groups is that we need a few people in our lives who we can count on to help us walk faithfully after Jesus. Often these people end up knowing more about us than anyone else. Always, these people care for us and take their roles in our lives seriously.

One example of a smaller group among our church are Fight Clubs. These are groups of 2-3 men who meet regularly in order to beat up sin and believe the gospel. To download a copy of our Fight Club Manual, click here.

If you would like to start a smaller group, ask someone of the same gender to meet with you to read Scripture and pray. It’s that easy!