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What kind of church are you?

We are a local, autonomous (that means that no organization or entity outside of us controls us), baptistic (see the next question), church that is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Why are you a Baptist church?

We are first and foremost followers of Jesus. As followers of Jesus, though, we have certain convictions that are based on what we believe the Bible teaches. These convictions are in line with groups that have historically been called, “Baptist.” One way of easily identifying these convictions is by thinking of the word, Baptist as an acrostic. Biblical Authority

We believe that the Bible is our final authority for all things pertaining to life and godliness.

Autonomous local churches

Each local church is governed under the ultimate leadership of Jesus.

Priesthood of all believers

All followers of Jesus have equal access to God through Jesus.

Two ordinances of the church

We practice baptism by immersion as the initial pubic profession of one’s faith in Jesus and the Lord’s Supper as the ongoing reminder and affirmation of that faith.

Individual Religious Liberty

We cannot coerce any person into believing the gospel. Each person has the freedom to choose and the responsibility to choose.

Saved and Baptized Church Membership

In order to be a member of God’s church we believe a person must actually be born again. A new life must be given them by God. Therefore, in order for someone to be a member of Living Proof, they must have a clear gospel testimony and bear the fruit of a life made knew by God. Baptism, as the public profession of this new life, is required for all who would unite with Living Proof.

Two offices of the church

The New Testament teaches that local churches are to be led by elders (pastors, bishops, overseers,) and served by deacons.

Separation of Church and State

God has given both the church and state distinct responsibilities in this world. Neither is to exert control over the other. Christians are called to affect the policies and practice of the state through lawful participation in its workings, but this not to be seen as a church or a group of churches trying to control the government.

What should I expect if I visit on a Sunday?

When you come to a worship service at Living Proof you will meet people with all kinds of different backgrounds. Some will be dressed in jacket and tie and some will be wearing their favorite jeans. You will be greeted by young and old alike. While we have families comprised of people with various colors of skin, what we all share is a common bond as followers of Jesus. Basically, we are normal people with an extraordinary God.

During our service we will sing songs that have been written in the last few years and the last few centuries. The words for all the songs are projected up on a screen so you can easily join us as we sing loudly together. All of our music is intended to teach truth about God and his gospel.

We take up an offering at the end of each service. This is an opportunity for the members of our church to give financially in support of the ministry of our church. We would only ask that you join us in singing together as the offering baskets are passed. If you filled out a communication card during the service, you could drop that in the basket as well.

The center of our services is always the preaching and teaching of God’s word, the Bible. One of our elders will take a section of the Bible and explain what it meant back when it was originally written, what it means now, and how that meaning is significant for us today. We believe that God speaks to us through the Bible, and that is why we make it the focus of our time together.

Families are welcome to stay together during our service. We do offer childcare for kids who are four months to four years old. Our workers all have background checks and have been trained to care well for your kids. You may feel free to step into our childcare area with your kids if you would feel more comfortable doing so.

After our service people love to stick around and visit with each other. We would love to take this time to get to know you more.

What does it mean to be “gospel-centered”?

You may have heard that phrase thrown around lately (and we do throw it around a lot here) and wonder what it means. In the most basic of terms, we would define gospel centrality this way: Jesus is the hero of God’s story. God is doing a work of glorifying himself by making a world of worshippers. In so doing, he has set Jesus squarely at the center of that work. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection God has bestowed on all those who believe in him the eternal benefits of a relationship with himself. We understand that all of this is from Jesus’ work alone. That is why he is our hero. So we talk about him, celebrate who he is and what he has done, seek to treasure him more and more, and offer our lives to him in obedience.

Functionally, you could ask the question about any situation, “What does the gospel say about that?” In other words, does the work of Jesus’ death and resurrection, or the heart behind that work, affect how we approach a situation or function within that situation?

We like to use the saying, “We must preach the gospel to ourselves daily.” This means that we must always be reminded that Jesus is the hero of God’s story and that his heroic act has real implications for my life today. We would love for you to join us as we all continue to learn how to live gospel-centered lives together.

How can I get to know the church better?

You are doing a good job of it already! By spending time on our website you are taking some important first steps in getting to know what we are about. We would recommend that you listen to a sermon or two and then come by to join us for a Sunday worship service.

As you get to know us a little bit, you might want to connect with our folks during one of our discipleship opportunities. As time moves on, and you want some more info, you will be able to participate in our Membership Matters class, which is scheduled throughout the year, as needed. This is a great class in which you can learn about the history of our church, what we believe, and what we feel God is leading us to do.