Anti-Static Deck Coatings

Insulate yourself from loss.

Don’t give static electricity a chance to build up. Control it at the source, before it reaches your valuable equipment.

Businesses often hire specialty movers to transport or relocate sensitive laboratory, manufacturing or networked equipment. Whether you’re adding new tools, renovating your facilities, or moving to a new location you want to make sure that the environment you’re moving your equipment to is safe.

The electronic equipment used in your business represents a substantial investment. Static electricity discharge caused by foot traffic and atmospheric conditions can damage your sensitive electronics, and may result in significant loss of time and money. This is particularly important as computers and automation play increasingly critical roles.

How Raider Painting Can Help You.

On decks, anti-static coatings work to control and prevent static discharge, which safeguards your equipment from the harmful effects of electric charges. However, the effectiveness of anti-static coatings is dependent on proper surface preparation and product application. As expert anti-static deck contractors, we have extensive experience with specialty floor coatings, so that your anti-static protection works as intended from the first application.

Choosing the correct product for your facility’s unique needs is essential to negating the anticipated amount of static charge accumulation, while considering your facility’s needs for maintaining a hygienic, reliable, efficient and safe surface. A proven team of anti-static deck coating contractors, we are affiliated with industry-leading coating manufacturers that offer a variety of long-lasting and easy-to-maintain solutions.

With decades of experience in commercial and industrial projects, we are an anti-static deck coating company that understands the unique circumstances and challenges your facility faces. Whatever your project requires, we’ll work with you to assess your needs and devise an optimal solution.

Raider Painting provides reliable anti-static deck services with exceptional results. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work — our satisfaction depends on yours. We are committed to delivering top-caliber service that meets the needs of your business, from choosing the correct product and coordinating the application to ensuring long-term performance.

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