Environmentally Friendly Coatings

Environmental awareness is important to you, your staff and your customers.

Our environmentally friendly coating services can help. The painting of your facility is one way to demonstrate your commitment to eco-friendly practices. Using eco-friendly coatings is an excellent way to demonstrate your concern not only for the environment, but also for the well-being of your employees and customers. Count on our eco-friendly coating company to help.

For building owners and occupants, cost is not the only advantage of a green building. Increased health and safety is also a major benefit. The reduction of natural resources consumption needed to operate the building, as well as the lesser amount of pollution that the building is giving off, are also important aspects in sustainability.

Green coatings and low- to zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) coatings can be used for interior walls and floors and are required in many cases by California law. These coatings can also be used for exterior painting and waterproofing, as well as machinery and equipment painting.

There are additional benefits to using environmentally friendly coatings, particularly when it comes to roof coatings. Cool roof coatings, usually characterized by their light color and reflective capabilities, prevent heat from accumulating inside a structure. This reduces a facility’s energy costs by making it easier for mechanical heating and cooling systems to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Industrial facility managers will be interested to know that there have been recent advancements in “green coatings” for industrial applications. Despite the difficulties, the result of reformulation efforts has been very promising. The gradual disappearance of heavy metals in paints has lowered VOCs emission levels. Many corrosion resistant coatings and inhibitors are reduced of their toxic attributes. There is still a way to go before these eco-friendly coatings are ready for widespread use, but the outlook is favorable.

Our expert team of eco-friendly coating contractors will consult with you to determine the best environmentally friendly solution for your commercial or industrial facility.

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