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For quality industrial and commercial painting in Portland, count on Raider Painting. 

When you want to protect your buildings, exterior surfaces and machinery, you need to protect these valuable assets by partnering with a painting company in Portland that you can trust. Since 1983, Raider Painting has worked with industrial and commercial customers in just about every field imaginable to safely deliver the best possible results, within budget and on schedule.

We offer complete services for exterior and interior painting in Portland, including:

Elastomeric waterproofing to protect structure exteriors from the corrosive effects of water — a very common issue in Portland and the surrounding area, of course.

Interior and exterior painting, using environmentally safe, high-quality paints, along with wallpapering and artistic finishes to round the job, if needed.

While we work in virtually every industry, we have a lot of experience in the following markets in Portland.

Hotels and Hospitality. We provide complete painting, coating and related services, from parking lot to lobby to pool to kitchen.

High Rises. We have decades of experience in successfully completing interior and exterior painting and deck coating projects for high rises.

Industrial Environments. We offer painting and coating services for virtually all types of industrial environments, including agriculture, wineries, energy and utilities, transportation and warehousing, food service and mining.

Why are we the top painters in Portland, OR? 

There are many reasons why organizations such as AT&T, DuPont, Marriott, Union Pacific and Westfield Malls have partnered with Raider Painting. Perhaps the top reason is safety: Our number one priority on every job is to keep your staff, guests, third parties and our crew as safe as possible during the project. Our crews receive 10- or 30-hour OSHA training, along with intensive training in other safety areas such as fall prevention.

In addition, you will find no painting contractors in Portland, Oregon with more accommodating customer service and scheduling. We will work at night, weekends, holidays — whatever it takes to keep your business flowing as smoothly as possible.

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